Japan Economic Foundation

Chairman's Article
(excerpts from JEF's Magazine "Japan Spotlight")

1 What Kind of a Society Do We Aim to Be in?
"The binary of the 20th century was right versus left. In the 21st century, it is open versus closed." – Alec Ross, author of The Industries of the Future

(July/August 2017 issue New!!)
2 Technological Breakthroughs, Not Trade Protectionism, Are Key to Economic Renaissance
(May/June 2017 issue )
3 Season of Discontent
"Black cat or white cat, it is a good cat as long as the cat catches mice" - Deng Xiaopin

(March/April 2017 issue )
4 Some Reflections on Anti-Globalization Movements
(January/February 2017 issue )
5 The Age of a Common Agenda
(November/December 2016 issue )
6 How Can We Accommodate Populism in the Social Contract?
(September/October 2016 issue )
7 The Specter of a Bear Is Haunting the World of Investment
(July/August 2016 issue)
8 The Role of the Economy in Elections & Lessons From the Past
(May/June 2016 issue)
9 May 2016 – the Year of the Monkey – Be a Fruitful One
(March/April 2016 issue)
10 ASEAN Community Building & Competitive Liberalization
(January/February 2016 issue )
11 Is Uncertainty a Friend to Business?
(Nov/Dec 2015 issue)
12 Evolving Japanese ManagementLessons from Toshiba's "Window Dressing"
(Sept/Oct 2015 issue)
13 What Did "Beautiful Mind" Game Theory Mathematician John Nash Teach Players in the Energy Marke
(July/August 2015 issue)
14 Fourth Anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake
(May/June 2015 issue)
15 2015 - Year of the Sheep, Year of "Signs of Growth"
(March/April 2015 issue)
16 In Pursuit of Broader & Deeper Integration
Ownership by the Public

(January/February 2015 issue)
17 Gateway to the Asia-Pacific Region
(November/Decemer 2014 issue)
18 No Agreement Is Better than a Bad Agreement
(September/October 2014 issue)
19 The Problem of Intertemporal Justice
(July/August 2014 issue)
20 Energy Security Revisited
(May/June 2014 issue)
21 Regional Economic Integration
— Where Are We Going?

(March/April 2014 issue)
22 Sustainable Commitment to Act
(January/February 2014 issue)
23 Leadership & the Limits of Government
(November/December 2013 issue)
24 The Fallout from the Fukushima Tsunami Disaster
(September/October 2013 issue)
25 Declines in Firms, Organizations & States
(July/August 2013 issue)
26 Beginning a Communication
(May/June 2013 issue)